C Dream Class

C Dream Program is built on the solid foundation of its high quality art education classes. Students who are admitted will receive updated teaching resources and professional art training. Up till now, C Dream Program provides classes in Chinese dancing, Peking Opera, and Chinese musical instruments.

C Dream Festival

As the finale of each year’s C Dream Program, C Dream Festival celebrates achievements by all program graduates, providing a stage for students to present their talents and learn from their peer. The Festival includes an exclusive Annual Gala and a professionally produced Annual Performance.

Sino Cultural Day

Starting in 2017, C Dream Program integrates SINOUS’ renowned Sino Cultural Day into its community program. Partnered with prestigious cultural institutions in Southern California, Sino Cultural Day showcases performance by C Dream students and presents authentic Chinese arts to the general public from local communities.

About C Dream Program

C Dream Program is SINOUS’ flagship annual non-profit art education program in the U.S. It aims to cultivate art caliber of young Chinese Americans in multiple states, enrich cultural diversity in local communities, and facilitate exchange of artists from the U.S. and China through performing arts.

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