C Dream Online Graduation 2021

This year’s C Dream Online Graduation is held on the evening of August 7, 2021 and over 100 C Dream Class of 21’ students from Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, and New Jersey attended this virtual event to celebrate the completion of their 2021 C Dream journey.

The event showcases accomplishments of this year’s students and presents a diverse lineup of 11 dance works, covering Chinese classical and ethnic & folk dances, to the audiences. Art Advisors Professor Du Gao from Beijing, China, and Mr. Hengda Li from Seattle, WA provide comment on students’ performances and recommend areas for improvement.

C Dream Online Graduation 2021 was also joined by C Dream training center principals, who introduced how student completed all the classes despite the challenges, current and past teachers, as well as parents.

C Dream Virtual Annual Performance 2021

In response to a nationwide reopen this summer, C Dream Program calls for all Class of 21’ students to have in-personal dance performance after the classes and film their dance pieces with help from their principals and parents. Sino US Performing Arts Organization uses all the footage and edits them into a dance show video as this year’s Virtual Annual Performance. In this video, our wonderful students, all dressed-up, present what they’ve learned from the summer classes against the backdrop of landmark sceneries in the cities they live. Let’s enjoy!